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Chest Pain Specialist

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Chest Pain Specialist

Chest pain can be a warning sign for serious heart issues or a result of a simple muscle strain. To quickly identify the root cause of your chest pain, the medical team at Jiki Medical Associates, LLC offers on-site diagnostic testing at their Rockville, Maryland, office. The staff focuses on accurately diagnosing your pain, so treatment can begin quickly. Don’t wait another moment to schedule a chest pain evaluation. Contact Jiki Medical Associates, LLC today by phone or by using the online booking feature.

Chest Pain Q & A

What causes chest pain?

Chest pain describes any discomfort or pain that you experience in your chest, the area between your neck and the upper abdomen. While chest pain is most often thought of in relation to a heart attack, there are several reasons why you may develop persistent chest pain, such as:

  • Stress

  • Pneumonia

  • Blood clots

  • Muscle strains

  • Lung infection

  • Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD)

Because there are many potential causes for chest pain, it’s important that you receive a comprehensive evaluation of your pain to prevent serious events, like a heart attack.

How is chest pain diagnosed?

During your evaluation for chest pain, your Jiki Medical Associates doctor reviews your personal and family medical history to evaluate your risk factors for heart issues and other possible causes of chest pain.

Your provider physically examines your body to identify potential health issues that may contribute to your chest pain.

To better understand the cause of your pain, the Jiki Medical Associates team offers on-site diagnostic testing, like echocardiograms and electrocardiograms (EKG), that evaluate your heart’s activity to rule out a heart attack. You may also need bloodwork to identify existing infections that cause chest pain.

How is chest pain treated?

If your chest pain does relate to a heart attack or blood clots, the Jiki Medical Associates team may refer you for additional care with a cardiologist.

When you’re experiencing chest pain due to an infection, you may need a course of antibiotics to clear it. Other medications may be useful in controlling issues like GERD or for relieving pain stemming from muscle tension and stress.

Your Jiki Medical Associates doctor can also discuss lifestyle and dietary changes that help you keep your weight and stress levels well-controlled to prevent future episodes of chest pain.  These changes include eating a healthy, low-fat diet and engaging in regular exercise.

Your provider can also coordinate your care if you begin working with a cardiologist or other specialist for heart-related issues or a heart attack.

Don’t put off a diagnostic evaluation for chest pain. Call Jiki Medical Associates today or request a chest pain evaluation online now.

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