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GOUT Specialist


GOUT Specialist

The Arthritis Foundation® says that one in 25 Americans are living with gout. If you’re one of the people experiencing this suddenly painful form of arthritis, don’t hesitate to contact Jiki Medical Associates, LLC in Rockville, Maryland. At their office, they help patients get long-lasting relief from their gout. Avoid a future gout attack by calling the office or by making an appointment online.

Gout Q & A

What is gout?

Gout is a type of arthritis, or inflammation in your joints that can cause pain. But while other types of arthritis often lead to dull, aching pain or stiffness, gout causes sharp, severe pain that can develop overnight. 

Gout most commonly affects the joints of your big toe. If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night with intense pain in your toe that’s accompanied by redness and swelling, you’ve most likely experienced a gout attack. 

Gout attacks cause pain that gets worse for up to 12 hours, then gradually subsides. Usually, within a little over a week, you no longer feel pain in the affected joint. But the vast majority of people who experience a gout attack and don’t seek treatment will endure at least one more attack. 

What causes gout?

Gout develops from high levels of uric acid in your blood. This acid causes urate crystals to form in your joints. These crystals are needle-like. While you can have urate crystals forming in your joint and not feel it for a time, eventually they get large enough to cause pain. Alternately, they can move within your joint, causing sudden pain. 

What causes high levels of uric acid?

Your body creates uric acid to break down purines, which are present in certain foods. As a result, if you have gout, you should avoid high-purine foods like:

  • Many types of seafood

  • Turkey

  • Bacon

  • Liver and other organ meats

  • Venison

  • Veal

  • Steak

Alcohol is also high in purine and promotes the production of uric acid in your body. In fact, many people experience their first gout attack after a night of drinking. 

Can gout be treated?

Absolutely. Your Jiki Medical Associates provider works with you to treat your gout, preventing future gout attacks by balancing the uric acid levels in your body. For most patients, this means a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. 

Avoiding or limiting alcohol, meat, and seafood intake can make a dramatic difference in your gout symptoms. Additionally, maintaining a healthy weight and staying hydrated can help you prevent a future gout attack. 

Don’t let gout destroy your joint. Get the treatment you need by calling Jiki Medical Associates or making your appointment online today.

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