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Dementia Specialist

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Dementia Specialist

As many as 10 million new cases of dementia are diagnosed around the world every year. To determine if your decline in memory and cognitive function is related to dementia, the team at Jiki Medical Associates, LLC in Rockville, Maryland, offers in-office assessments. The skilled physicians tailor a treatment plan based on the severity of your condition and work with you as your condition worsens. To find out more about your options for managing dementia, contact the staff at Jiki Medical Associates today by using the online booking feature or by calling the office now.

Dementia Q & A

What is dementia?

Dementia is a group of diseases that involve the deterioration of your memory, thinking skills, and language over time due to changes in the brain. These diseases develop due to damage in the brain cells that interfere with communication between areas of the brain and with other parts of your body.

One of the most common types of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease, which causes a significant decline in your cognitive abilities and eventually makes it difficult or impossible to live and function independently.

While often attributed to the natural aging process, dementia is actually a serious health issue that requires a proper diagnosis and treatment.

What are the symptoms of dementia?

The most common symptoms associated with dementia-related diseases include:

  • Forgetfulness

  • Short-term memory loss

  • Chronic disorganization

  • Difficulty keeping track of responsibilities

Dementia can also cause additional side effects that affect your overall health, such as anxiety or depression.

Symptoms of dementia often begin slowly and worsen over time. In many cases, loved ones are the first to notice the deterioration of your memory and other behavioral changes relating to dementia.

How is dementia diagnosed?

There are no standard tests for confirming dementia-related disease. The Jiki Medical Associates physicians are highly skilled in evaluating your mental and overall health, as well as your symptoms, to determine if they relate to dementia or another underlying health condition.

Your provider may also refer you for additional testing with a neurologist or other specialist to evaluate your brain activity.

How is dementia treated?

The goal of treating dementia is to help you maintain a high quality of life and, when possible, slow down the progression of your disease. In the earliest stages, there are medications that can improve existing symptoms.

Your Jiki Medical Associates provider can also work closely with you on the necessary lifestyle modifications you can make to stay physically healthy, such as nutritional guidance and suggestions for daily exercise.

The team can also assist you and your family with a care plan to keep your symptoms controlled and discuss the options you have as your disease progresses.

If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one regarding symptoms of dementia, schedule a consultation at Jiki Medical Associates today by phone or by using the online booking feature.

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