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Annual Physical Exams Specialist

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Annual Physical Exams Specialist

Annual physicals are routine medical evaluations that should happen even when you’re not sick. The staff at Jiki Medical Associates, LLC offers annual physical exams as part of their preventive health care plans. The team provides thorough, in-office evaluations to ensure you’re functioning optimally and enjoying a happy, healthy life. Schedule your annual physical exam today at Jiki Medical Associates in Rockville, Maryland by phone or by using the online booking system.

Annual Physical Exams Q & A

Why do I need annual physical exams?

Annual physical exams are a vital part of preventive health care. These yearly health evaluations allow your Jiki Medical Associates provider the opportunity to evaluate your overall health, even when you’re feeling great.

An annual physical is a good way for your doctor to note any changes in your health from one year to the next. These visits also help your Jiki Medical Associates doctor identify potential warning signs of chronic illnesses in their earliest stages, even when you aren’t showing symptoms.

What’s involved in annual physical exams?

During your annual physical exam, you can expect to discuss your personal and family medical history and any new symptoms that are affecting your health. Your physical is also the right time to ask questions about your overall health and wellness.

Your Jiki Medical Associates provider then evaluates important information about your health, noting details about your:

  • BMI

  • Waist Size

  • Lung function

  • Heart rhythm

  • Blood pressure

  • Body temperature

  • Vision and hearing

Through a comprehensive physical exam, your Jiki Medical Associates doctor checks for abnormalities in your abdomen and skin. They also assess your muscle strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

As part of your annual physical exam, you can also receive updates to any necessary vaccinations, including seasonal flu shots.

If there are concerns about your health following your physical, your Jiki Medical Associates doctor discusses your options for treatment and whether there’s a need for further diagnostic testing.

Will I need bloodwork during my annual physical exams?

Depending on your medical history and current health, your Jiki Medical Associates provider may request bloodwork to check for signs of chronic diseases.

Bloodwork screenings may be necessary if you have new, unexplained symptoms that need a diagnosis or if you have a family history of certain conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol.

If you’re receiving treatment for an existing health condition, your Jiki Medical Associates doctor may order blood testing to ensure your treatment is working and not negatively affecting your health.

If it’s been more than a year since your last physical, call Jiki Medical Associates today or request an annual physical exam online now.

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